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Streets of Turku

Had cool day today with buddies in the streets of Turku! Got some bangers also. Here casual ollie and there is actually set of stairs which u dont see from this angle.  Well, at least u see well popped ollie, haha. Cheers Rammen for shooting today!

Alajärvi skatepark

Had a great sesh yesterday at Alajärvi. The park is mellow and reeeeeeeeeeeally peaceful. There probably hardly ever goes skaters. Well at least the flat bar is on point!

Sw fs board

This one is actually from the same sesh that my previous post ( fs blunt). I did this one first and I was super pumped after landing it… Since the fs blunt spot was near, figured to try that one too and it worked hella well. Cheers Deeli for shooting both pics.

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