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Bs Rail – Sörkkä

Here some warmup footy. Bs rail in Sörnäinen which is just abbreviated “Sörkkä”. I can say you that after this sesh my butt muscles was soooooore couple of days 😂😂. I mean the main trick was not too easy and also it’s pretty high drop from the rail to flat… Well, it was worth it!! […]

Sastamala Skatepark

Check-out the vid. from a new skatepark which is located in Sastamala, Finland 🌲🌲 👁👁

Orimattilas Haltterii

“Orimattilas haltterii” means something like “Taking over in Orimattila”. Orimattila is a small city in Finland. Yep, sounds weird but check the vid. and maybe you will get something out of it, haha.

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