Bs Lipslide – Vantaa

Been quite busy lately. Handling stuff and doing some skating too! Trying to upload some cool stuff soon. Here’s a casual bs lip from 2016. Pic. by Juha Helosuo.

Helsinki Hesacup

Here’s a cool video from couple months back. If u are familiar with “Thrasher King Of The Road” this is bit similar but just a finnish version of it. Take a look! Cheers Ruffe for filming most of it / editing.


Had been heeeeella busy day. Had the chance to be interviewed and do some signing at the Helsinki book fair. Great times! Cheers Nina for the pic.

Helsinki Book Fair 2017

If u are in town next friday come and say hi at the Helsinki book fair. Will be interviewed there on friday (27.10.) at 13:00.  You can find all the info / schedule from their website:  

Great sesh

Had a great sesh at Cube skatepark! Actually was the first good sesh after I rolled my ankle. Been skating few times after that but now start to really feel my board again, which is great. Here casual sw bs nosegrind. Photo: Aleksi Fräki. Cheers buddy!


Weather has been great during this wkd and had a great sesh w buddies until I sprained my ankle yesterday… Not cool, but stuff happens. I think / hope I will be skating in couple of weeks again. Above sw krooks pic. by J. Helosuo.


Have been a crazy and fun weekend with these guys! Our skate team participated in a playful comp. called “Hesacup”. It’s organised by Hangup magazine (Finnish skatemag.) Waiting forward all the video footy from all the participants. Cheers for the pic. Ruffe!

Had a blast filming with Had a good chat about the book and even better skate sesh! Cheers Marko for filming!

Olavinlinna castle

Had a blast in Savonlinna! Spend there the weekend. Did some tourist stuff and bit skating too. Olavinlinna castle was tight!