Bs Rail – Sörkkä

Here some warmup footy. Bs rail in Sörnäinen which is just abbreviated “Sörkkä”. I can say you that after this sesh my butt muscles was soooooore couple of days 😂😂. I mean the main trick was not too easy and also it’s pretty high drop from the rail to flat… Well, it was worth it!! […]

Sastamala Skatepark

Check-out the vid. from a new skatepark which is located in Sastamala, Finland 🌲🌲 👁👁

Orimattilas Haltterii

“Orimattilas haltterii” means something like “Taking over in Orimattila”. Orimattila is a small city in Finland. Yep, sounds weird but check the vid. and maybe you will get something out of it, haha.

New Skatepark in Kouvola

Sweet edit from Kouvola city! They have a pretty damn cool new skatepark over there. Definetely worth of visiting

Kuusamo reindeers 🦌 🦌

How long does it take to see some reindeers in Kuusamo Finland ?!?  Not so long. Check the video and find out

Oulanka National Park

Uuuu, first time hiking. Was great! We did this “Pieni Karhunkierros” and It’s basically 12 km long hiking trail and there are lot’s of cool things on the trail. Like for example this suspension bridge. I was planning to go skate on the very next day but no chances… Was too sore after the hiking..Haha

How to do a frontside ollie

How do to a frontside 180 ??  🤔🤔🤔  No problem! I got your back! check the vid. and have a great wkd. And remember also to root for France in The World Cup  🏆 🏆 🏆

Sw board

Been skating this particular ledge multiple times over the years, It’s a street spot so you already know that the floor is rugged etc. This trick was not specially easy one.. Had to eat sh#t atleast couple of times… The thing is that it’s deeper than it looks so I had some difficulties to get […]