Lapua Dreaming

Was couple of days in Seinäjoki last week. There are really no proper outdoor skateparks in Seinäjoki. Hope they will have one in the future. Anyhow went to skate to Lapua (around 20 mins from S.joki by car).  Had a good sesh there and here’s a short video. Have a good one!

Kilosport D.I.Y.

Had a great sesh at Kilosport. Check the vid. to see whaaaaaats up!

Out w Rosie

Should you get a dog ? Check the vid. Hit CC for english subtitles. Have a great weekend!

What’s up at Pori !?!

Pori is a hella cool city (on the west coast of Finland) ! Here’s a vid from the city’s indoor skatepark. Have a great weekend!

First outdoor sesh plus

Here’s a vid. from the years first outdoor sesh (about a week ago)! Also some exciting news.. Just launched an online course for learning the basics of skateboarding. At the moment course is only in finnish… For more information head to Go check it out and have a great weekend!

Happy Easter Break

The weather in Easter weekend has been amazing (in Finland)! Here’s also a video what I made about wines. Check it out!