Käpylä junior high school visit

Went to speak to Käpylä junior high schools nine graders. I spoke about skateboarding, importance of goals, patience, about work ethic and I gave also some tips what could be useful for them on their own lifes / in their future. I think it was success and I am sure at least some students got […]

Fakie stance

What was this fakie stance thing in skateboarding ? Check out the video and you ll find out!

How your skate shoes last more longer 🤔

You now the feeling when your shoe laces pops open all the time from your skate shoes… There is a simple way to prevent this happening and I am sure you already know what I am talking about. Here’s a video of it anyways  😅

Seinäjoki skatepark

Had fun skate sesh at Seinäjoki indoor skatepark. Check-out the video and go visit the park too if you have a chance ✨✨🙏🏼

How to Nollie

How to Nollie and what Nollie even is ?? Pa de problème! I got your back, check out the video

What is your stance ?

If you are wondering that which foot forward you should start skating… No problem, I got your back! Check out the video 🙏🏼

Living in Espoo VS Helsinki

What are the main differences in living in Espoo or in Helsinki ?!? In the video I talk a bit about that (not in a serious way). Check out the vid.! 🙏

Hefty Fifty-Fifty Grind

Tricks in skateboarding doesn’t come usually easy… Here you see bit the process how this fiddy went down…