Urban Street Festival 2017

Take your calender and put this date up! 29.7. in Tampere will be held Urban Street Festival. At the festival you can basically try different kind of urban street activities, see some shows and u r boy gonna also be represending there. Here’s their website for more info:  http://www.urbanstreetfestival.fi/

Skeittauksesta Podcast / Supla.fi

Had a blast being interviewed by Pentti Järvelin for his show “Skeittauksesta Podcast” which is now rolling at Supla.fi Here’s a link to it: http://www.supla.fi/supla/3041710 Have a good end of the week


This trick feels good! Sw bs smith. Photo. J. Helosuo

Free your mind

Skateboarding knows no limits, reach your full potential on and off board. Photo J. Helosuo


Brrrrrr, 5-0 from last autumn. Thank god it’s summer! Photo J. Helosuo

This is skateboarding

This picture sums up skateboarding well. Being outside, enjoying weather, having fun with your friends and expressing yourself. That’s skateboarding! Photo: J. Helosuo


This spot is tight! Only thing what makes it super hard to skate is that the run up is tooooooo sketchy, haha. Photo: Juha Helosuo

Sky’s the limit

Uuuu, summer is here (hopefully to stay). Here’s one shot from last autumn. Yep, Finland is beautiful country. Photo: J. Helosuo.

Sw crooked grind

Here’s one cool shot from last summer. Sw crooked grind from Espoo. Spot is pretty new. You can find the print version from my new book, Skeittaus: Ammattilaisen opit harrastajalle. Photo by J. Helosuo. Have a good sunday!