From 2006 – Second Edit

Here’s some golden footy from around 2005/2006. Juha Helosuo edited two different videoparts in 2006  and this was the second one of those. BTW I used to rock fiddy during those years, haha. Time flies!

Raumal haltuu || Rauma Take-Over

Visited Rauma skatepark last week which was pretty cool! Big ups to all the locals there and specially to Mika for helping to film a few clips. Park is pretty cool too!

Skate @ Iso-Omena

Pientä videon poikasta Espoon Duudsonit parkista. Tsekkaa video! || A little video from The Dudesons Activity park which is located in Espoo. Pretty fun place to visit.  Check it out!

Jakso 10: Kenelle Urheilu Kuuluu | Urheilu-Suomi

Jauzaa! Tsekkaa huomen  (18.1.18) TV kakkoselta klo 19:00-20:00 kovia mimmejä ja kundeja, meikä myös feattaa.  Toki näet myös suoraan Yle Areenan kautta ohjelman. Tässä linkki: This program is only in finnish… BUT picture / video tells a thousand words, right!?! Check it from the link above and you will get the idea what it […]


Hope u have had a wonderful christmas with your family and relatives. We spend our christmas this year  in France. Had a blast! Now eyes are already in the coming year 2018!

Tapiola Skeit

Had  a great wkd sesh at Tapiola skatepark. Check the vid. BTW it’s in finnish language ; D

Bs Lipslide – Vantaa

Been quite busy lately. Handling stuff and doing some skating too! Trying to upload some cool stuff soon. Here’s a casual bs lip from 2016. Pic. by Juha Helosuo.

Helsinki Hesacup

Here’s a cool video from couple months back. If u are familiar with “Thrasher King Of The Road” this is bit similar but just a finnish version of it. Take a look! Cheers Ruffe for filming most of it / editing.