How to do a kickflip 🤔

Incase you were wondering that how to do a kickflip…. No problem I got your back check out the video 👊👊

Niittykumpu Skatepark

Here’s a little edit from Niittykumpu, Espoo. This park is pretty much my local skatepark at the moment.  It’s fun park to skate. Check out the vid. 🙏

Sörkkä – Sw Fiddy

Here’s something from couple of months ago. Here you ll see “behind the scenes” stuff that how this particular switch fifty-fifty went down. Enjoy!

Bs tail – Vantaa

Oh là là !! It’s getting cold in the good old Finland! Here’s bs tail from yesterday’s sesh. Probably few weeks still skating outside before it gets too cold… Yep, winter is coming.. J. Helosuo shot this amazing pic.!

How to do do a 50 – 50 grind 🤔🤔

50 – 50 grind a.k.a “Fifty fifty” is one of the most basic grind tricks in skateboarding. If you don’t already have fifty fiftys on point, check the vid. 💫💫

Switch 50-50 Helsinki

This was probably the world’s first sw 50-50 down a kinked rail. The rail is not the most bad ass, but it is what it is 💫 💫 Photo by Krister Majander, Helsinki 2014.

Throwback Clip -Varissuo, Turku

Here’s a little throwback video from couple a years ago. The trick itself is pretty basic but the fun stuff is in the end of the video. Chekedi check it out 🙏🏼

Telakkaranta, Turku

Turku is for sure one my favorite cities in Finland. It’s not the best for skateboarding but the city do have some cool skatespots like this one (video). Check it out and have awesome wkd 🕺 💃

Vaasa D.I.Y. skatepark

D.I.Y. parks are usually pretty fun spots to skate. This was no exception. Check-out the video 🛠

Bs Rail – Sörkkä

Here some warmup footy. Bs rail in Sörnäinen which is just abbreviated “Sörkkä”. I can say you that after this sesh my butt muscles was soooooore couple of days 😂😂. I mean the main trick was not too easy and also it’s pretty high drop from the rail to flat… Well, it was worth it!! […]